ZebraGirls – Braylin Bailey Miami Davis

When Miami came to the temp agency looking for employment she had no idea she would get her first taste of lesbianism. How could she possibly know that? She had been a strong straight black woman her entire, though still young, life. But immediately Miami could tell by the way the blonde white girl interviewed her there was a seething inferno of lust burning within her. She eyed Miami down with a hunger. Like she was a tasty morsel of meat. Who asks you during an interview if you are with a man? A lesbian. That’s who. Who knows what overtook Miami that fateful afternoon. Was it the weather? It has been unseasonably warm. Was it her urgency for a job? Her libido creaking up? Afterall she had not had a dick in at least two months. When the lesbian made her move Miami did not even try to resist. She gave right into that warm wet tongue in her mouth. Soon enough it was in her dripping quivering love hole. Deep around the vaginal opening the white lesbian slobbered on her labia and clitoris. Tingles shot through her body. Was Miami a lesbian? Isn’t every woman? She gave in and soon had to taste her first pussy as well. And so spoketh the lord – it was good. From tongues to dildos it is a short leap. The clit is just the gateway drug to lesbianism soon to be blasted wide open by the friend of all hardcore butch girls – the strap on. Ahhh yes – the male phallus. Staying hard and true as it’s feminine master gives the other female all the love she needs.
Date: August 21, 2022