TheDickSuckers – Rory Knox, Octavia Red Salty, Hot, and Sticky!

They do a lot of things together, and they know each other very well. The one thing that kinda bugs Rory, tho, is Octavia’s prudish behavior. For example, Octavia says “pussy”; Rory likes the word “cunt”. Octavia would say a man has an “erection”; Rory prefers “boner”. Octavia says “semen” while Rory begs for cum. Rory’s decided to try and change Octavia’s ways. Rory’s brought in her own “Stunt Cock” (her words) and what you’re about to witness is Octavia’s initiation into dick sucking and saying filthy words and fucking for fun and taking a sticky, hot, salty load all over her pretty face! By the end of this, there’s two dirty girls in the room!!
Date: August 17, 2022