RoleModels – Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Aiden Ashley is a newly-out lesbian who is fresh from a recent divorce. She decides to shake things up a little by learning a new skill: swimming- but when she arrives at the swimming lesson location… she gets second thoughts. Just as she’s about to make her way out, however, she is stopped by her new instructor, Whitney Wright, who asks her why she won’t give the swimming class a chance. Aiden hesitates a moment and then reveals that she feels self-conscious about her body. Aiden looks at Whitney’s bikini admiringly and says that if she wore something like that, she wouldn’t look sexy in the least bit. Whitney can’t help but disagree- she thinks that Aiden has an exquisite body, and would look sexy in ANYTHING that she wore.
Date: August 23, 2022