NFBusty – Sandra Sweet Squeaky Clean

They waste no time getting intimately acquainted. Locking lips is only the beginning; before long, Nick has peeled Sandra out of her shirt so he can heft and motorboat her breasts. Popping her jugs out of her bra, Sandra releases Nick’s hardon from his jeans to stroke him in a sizzling warmup. When Sandra drops to her knees, Nick is ready to receive whatever gift she’s about to give him. She begins with a titty fuck as Nick mirrors her movements with his thumb in her mouth. Then Sandra opens up so she can deep throat Nick’s fuckstick until her nose is practically kissing his pelvis. Getting to her feet, Sandra lets Nick undo her miniskirt so that it puddles at her feet. She turns around supports herself on the table, then moans in pure delight as he shoves into her from behind. The position lets Nick’s hands roam Sandra’s buxom body as he flexes his hips for both of their pleasure.
Date: August 14, 2022
Actors: Sandra Sweet