MyPervyFamily – Mellanie Monroe Quickie Before Dad Comes Back

I (Nade Nasty) don’t understand women. My stepmom Mellanie Monroe can’t seem to stay away from my dad, no matter how poorly he treats her. When I see her getting all dolled up because my dad is coming over, I’m angry. Horny, but angry. She does look great in those tight jeans, her phat ass poking out. Her cleavage is super inviting too. But he’s on his way over now. What can he do that I can’t?! I start groping my stepmom’s tits and she doesn’t stop me. She lets me feel her pussy but tells me we have to be fast. She drops to her knees & molests my cock with her mouth. My stepmom gets on top of and busts her MILF hole with my thick cock. I suck on her boobs and she rides me. I take her from behind and watch her bum ripple and jiggle as I grind her pussy to orgasm. I’m about to nut when my dad calls, he will be there any minute! Mellanie lets me cum in her mouth and she swallows all the evidence right before he arrives!
Date: August 14, 2022
Actors: Mellanie Monroe