LoveHerFeet – Jessica Starling Flip-Flop Thief

It is only natural for roomies to borrow stuff from each other. They sometimes ask for permission. However, it is more often that they take it without saying anything. Jessica Starling knows missing things while sharing a home is normal. However, it is a bit weird that her flip-flops are the ones always missing. It is even weirder that she found her missing flip-flops in her roommate’s room. Jessica confronts Donte Inferno about the missing flip-flops. The bearded lad tries to deny it, but he eventually admits he has a thing for feet. Now that Donte’s secret foot fetish is out in the open, he asks Jessica if he can smell her flip-flops. Jessica can’t help but feel naughty as she watches Donte enjoy the smell of her feet. She lets her lucky roommate shower her dirty feet with kisses. Jessica then gives Donte a footjob while he enjoys the smell of her flip-flops. The naughty blonde puts the flip-flops on Donte’s cock before giving it a sloppy blowjob. Donte returns the pleasure by eating out Jessica’s wet pussy with all his might. Jessica sucks her long toes with red nail polish while enjoying the intense sensation of Donte’s cock inside her pussy. Her big tits bounce hard while the hairy lad fucks her in missionary until he cums on her feet. Cumming once is not enough for the horny lad. He keeps fucking the busty blonde in doggystyle, soles-up cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl until he feels like he is about to cum again. Donte pulls his cock out of Jessica’s pussy and lets out his warm and sticky cream all over her sexy feet. He then puts his cock between Jessica’s dirty soles and slides it until he feels satisfied. Donte promises not to steal Jessica’s flip-flops anymore. He will just ask to smell Jessica’s feet whenever he feels the urge.
Date: August 11, 2022