LoveHerFeet – Elena Lux Change Of Plans

A canceled date is one of the most disappointing things to ever happen to anyone. Vince Karter is quite disappointed when her girlfriend tells her that she won’t make it to the concert they want to watch tonight. Lucky for Vince, he has a beautiful roomie who wants to attend the concert with him. Vince tries to convince Elena Lux to watch with him. However, the skinny blonde feels dissatisfied that she is only the second choice. She asks Vincent why he is so into her girlfriend. The bearded lad shyly admits that he likes his partner’s sexy feet. Elena doesn’t want to lose to her roomie’s partner. She shows Vince her veiny feet and asks him if her feet are as sexy as his girlfriend’s. The sight of the beautiful feet with bright orange toenail polish makes Vince horny. Knowing the handsome hunk can’t resist the beauty of her feet, Elena teases him by playfully running her soles on her crotch. Vince doesn’t want to fight the burning lust inside of him anymore. He grabs Elena’s feet and kisses her soles before sucking her long toes. The slender blonde gives Vince a sensual footjob before dropping to her knees to give him a rimjob. Elena can’t help but moan in delight as Vince fucks her bald pussy in the spoon. After the intense pussy pounding, Elena teasingly gets on top of Vince and lets his cock slide into her tight asshole. She can’t help but enjoy the intense anal pounding and sensual foot worship in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The horny lad aggressively fucks Elena in doggystyle and missionary. He tirelessly slides his cock in and out of her tight asshole until he feels like he is about to cum. Vince pulls his cock out and unloads his warm and sticky cum all over Elena’s sexy feet.
Date: August 13, 2022
Actors: Elena Lux