JapanHDV – Saya Fujiwara AV Actress Saya Fujiwara has an old colleague come to her home to Visit Her

He describes his cock as being long. He is hoping that she not only missed him but also his long dick. Saya Fujiwara has a cute sweater on and a very short skirt. This seems to turn on her co-star as he starts to notice how sexy she looks and is now very interested in what she could be wearing under her clothes. He also notices clothes drawers and starts to go thorough them and finds some interesting items that thinks he can use on her. He pulls out some rope to tie her up and a small vibrator that he starts to use on her nipples. Now that he has her back on the bed tied up some, with a vibrator all over her, he is going to go for it. The sex toys have gotten her hot and horny and now she is going to take a hold of that small vibrator and use it on herself to get off
Date: August 14, 2022
Actors: Saya Fujiwara