[JapanHDV] Iku Sakuragi After a bad breakup Iku Sakuragi travels to Macao and meets a new lover

A Japanese girl has had a bad breakup with her old boyfriend. She decides to travel some and get it out of her system. This is the trip that Iku Sakuragi took to Macau to forget the hurt she had in Japan and to try to revitalize her spirits and outlook on life. She is enjoying the sights of Macau when a Japanese man approaches her. He tells her that he lives there and is alone and he can show her some sights and have some tea with her this afternoon as he is free from work today. After a day out enjoying the area he invites her back to his home. She wants to go but is a bit apprehensive. But, Iku has enjoyed the day with him and decides that spending some more time with him alone would be nice and could lead to something nice as well. She is very interested in starting all over again and forgetting the past boyfriend. She feels a good way to do this is to get intimate with a new person and see if that helps her with the pain from the breakup. Back in the room her new friend begins to kiss her and touch her and feel her breasts and unbutton her top. He reaches in and grabs her breasts and she begins to get a bit shy. But after some more kissing she begins to enjoy this and lets him enjoy her breasts as he pulls up her top and kisses her nipples. From there he begins to rub between her legs and now she really is horny and wanting to fuck. This is going to be a nice vacation for Iku.
Date: August 27, 2022
Actors: Iku Sakuragi