GirlsOnlyPorn – Andi Rose Serene Siren Ladies Night

Handing Andi a toy, Serene tells her friend to masturbate to blow some steam off. At first, Serene keeps her back turned while Andi is going at it with her vibrator. As time ticks by, though, Serene peeks more and more often. Andi eventually makes eye contact with her friend and confesses that she’s even hornier now than she was before. Serene, ever the good friend, decides to become a more active participant in helping Andi out. Coming in with a kiss, Serene takes the toy from Andi. She pulls Andi’s thong aside and presses it to her BFF’s clit. Cradling Andi’s shoulders against her torso, Serene uses one hand to continue applying the vibrating pressure while the other kneads Andi’s tender titties until Andi’s hips are bucking.
Date: August 15, 2022