[GirlsOnlyPorn] Aiden Ashley, Freya Parker, Sera Ryder Study Session

Ashley Aiden is trying to tutor Freya Parker and Sera Ryder, both of whom have things other than academics on their minds. The girls get together for the study session with Ms. Ashley. Before their tutor arrives, Freya trails her fingertips up Sera’s body from her miniskirt to her tits and suggests they do something extra special today. Unsnapping the top two snaps of Sera’s shirt, Freya sets the stage for sex. Aiden arrives looking sexy as hell. Freya and Sera both try coming on to her, but Aiden does her best to shut it down. The girls just don’t seem to be concentrating, though, so Aiden decides to take another approach. She orders the girls onto their hands and knees, then begins quizzing them. When Sera gets an answer correct, Aiden gets down and licks her pussy. When Freya gets an answer wrong
Date: August 31, 2022