[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Reina Yes Sir! Ayyyy Coño Papi!!! + Extras

Today we have 20-year-old Reina and I must say Tyler really liked this one because he prefers girls that are a little on the thin and slutty side, and you know what? All whopping 93 lbs of this gal is the perfect combination of a bit slutty and more than thin. She’s slinthy is what she is and in all the ways that matter for sure. She also just happens to have the cutest butthole and inviting pussy to boot that’ll make you just want to stick your tongue up there they look so good and inviting and this girl loves sex and things up them. Speaking of things up her holes, what sorta things does she like to stick up their Steve? Well surprisingly enough she prefers cock of a darker persuasion she tells us and she’s a first for us here at ExCoGi, dropping the bomb on us that Tyler’s white cock will be her first ever. Never had a girl never fuck a white cock before and I hate to add any unnecessary pressure on you Tyler, but the entire weight of the massively averaged sized white cock world is now resting on your shoulders buddy and I’m sure you’ll live up to all our slightly above average expectations and deliver today.
Date: August 23, 2022
Actors: Reina