ExploitedCollegeGirls – Lila I Don’t Even Let My Boyfriend Cum In Me

ou know life is too short to drink bad wine, eat bad food or fuck small cocks dear. Listen honey, you were blessed with a killer body and it appears you’ve hit the “sex life” lottery so you should be fucking guys with at least above average sized cocks. And if you don’t know what the averaged size cock is well it’s only 5.1 inches erect, which means we are truly sorry to the 50% of you ladies out there that are with the below average guys and we feel your frustration. Well today’s exploit Lila sure as fuck felt Tyler and from the moment she got penetrated she kept saying she was used to way smaller and we think it’s time for a new boyfriend who’s got a cock that can satisfy her. You see she’s in an open relationship she explains. Well open on her side LOL she goes on to clarify and I have one comment to the boyfriend. Being a wussy, that’s part wimp and part pussy mind you, in tandem with a small cock is no way to go through life pal. He must have money or something I’m guessing to be able to snag a fine piece of tail like you Lila and I hope he’s not the jealous type because Tyler fucked the shit out of you today and who’d blame him.
Date: August 22, 2022
Actors: Lila